MPI-A000 - Multi Protocol Interface Board

The MPI Board is designed to implement, in a single board, many different communication protocols widely used in space and commercial applications. The Board is equipped with a configurable, complete set of different hardware interfaces. The Board is able to interface and simulate many common Space protocols, such as:

  • OBDH485
  • MAP
  • DS16
  • and others ...
Find more details in the Data Sheet

TES - Universal Test Architecture for EGSEs

The TES architecture, featuring the TEM-S000 software, is designed to provide flexible and easy-to-use test resources, necessary for the validation of complex systems and subsystems. The TEM-S000 offers a wide range of power and flexible testing tools, such as:

  • Creation of Test Sequences using simple commands, in text format
  • Possibility of nesting sequences and sub-sequences
  • Real-time monitoring of critical parameters
  • Complete Log of the Test Session
  • Automatic generation of Test Reports
  • The Sequence Wizardfor unskilled personnel
  • and many others... more

VTP - MIL1553B Test System

Test Equipment for automated Production and Validation tests of MIL1553 Buses, in accordance to MIL-STD-1553B, Notice 4.

Space Design and Applications

SkyTech has a 20-years experience in the Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Test and Troubleshooting of Space electronic Boards and Systems. Our range of activity covers all stages of a typical Space Programme development, from Design to Final Acceptance, including the Design, development and test of:

  • BreadBoards
  • Engineering Models
  • Flight Prototypes
  • Flight modules
  • Flight Units
SkyTech also develops EGSEs, Test Jigs, and also supplies on-site assistance for Integration and Troubleshooting activities.

SME/UCE family - EGSEs for Star Trackers

The UCE/SME family of EGSEs is designed for test and troubleshooting of Star Tracker Units used as Sky-pattern sensors in the AOCS systems. The EGSEs perform a real-time simulation of the Star Tracker sensor, thus allowing the check of the Star Tracker electronics and/or the complete AOCS system, both in open-loop and closed loop configurations. More...

HPP - Thruster Control & Drive Electronics for Spacecraft

The HPP Units are designed to ignite and drive Hall-effect thrusters used in many Satellite for propulsion, orbit control and de-orbiting purposes. The HPPs are able to drive many different loads (such as heaters, trim coils, keepers, and anode terminals) at various levels of current and voltages, as required by the turn-on sequence of Hall-effect thrusters. More...

ATI - Plasma Torch Power Supply

The ATI Unit is a Power Supply designed to ignite and drive a Plasma Torch. The Unit is able to ignite the Plasma discharge plume (with high voltage pulses up to 10000 V) and to deliver a full range power, in steady-state conditions, up to 40KW (150V 270A). More...

DSP module boards for GPS receivers

Digital signal processing module for RIMS - the Reference Integrity Monitoring Stations for “Safety-of-Life” (airline navigation) GPS signals under ESA/EU’s EGNOS programme