TES - Universal Test Architecture for EGSEs

Customer: industrial Prime Contractor (for several end Customers)

Year: mid-2000s on

The TEM-S000 software package is designed to provide flexible and easy-to-use test resources, necessary for the validation of complex systems and subsystems. In detail, the TME-S000 offers:

  • Creation of Test Sequences using simple commands, in text format, processed by a command interpreter;
  • Possibility of nesting sequences and sub-sequences;
  • Monitoring of critical parameters;
  • Complete Log of the Test Session;
  • A huge quantity of common Test Instruments integrated in the system;
  • Automatic creation of Test Reports, containing:
    • report of any single step and related test results;
    • graphic objects from Test Instruments, such as oscilloscope waveforms;
    • summary Tables, calculations, and graphs, using an automatic link to Excel;
  • A Sequence Wizard, to allow unskilled operators to immediately create Test Sequences;

The TEM-S000 software package runs on any test equipment of the TES family, designed and produced by SkyTech Srl. In general, a test equipment of the TES family is composed of:

  • a 19" rack, containing:
    • a test PC with test and control PCI boards, including a GPIB board
    • a commercial set of instruments on a GPIB bus
    • keyboard and monitor
  • a Test Board, necessary for interfacing the UUT with test instruments
  • a set of special and commercial cables
As an example, a typical block diagram of a TES family test equipment is shown in the following figure:

For more details, download the User Manual