Design of Electronic Boards and Equipment

Since 1994, SkyTech is committed to the design and development of Electronic Boards and Equipment in many important and challenging fields, such as Astronomy, Space Satellites, Defense Systems, Automotive devices, Research, Special test and Equipments.
For the achievement of its goals, Skytech employs the most valuable and modern development tools:
  • Mentor Graphics Design Capture
  • Mentor Graphics DX Designer
  • Orcad Capture
  • Pspice Simulation
  • 3D mechanical design tools

Design of high performance PCBs

SkyTech is specialized in the development of high-performance PCBs for many different application scenarios. To optimize the performance of the design team, SkyTech has created an internal team of skilled PCB developers. Thanks to the day-by-day contact between PCB developers and electrical designers, the design requirements are strictly controlled and assessed.
SkyTech employs many different PCB development platforms, such as:
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Orcad Layout

Firmware design

SkyTech has a long experience in the design of firmware projects for all FPGAs and PLDs available in the market (Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Atmel etc.). SkyTech develops its firmware designs using the most advanced development tools:
  • Actel Microsemi Libero IDE
  • Actel Microsemi Libero SoC
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Altera Quartus II...

Software development

SkyTech internally develops all software and firmware packages employed in its equipment, from low-level applications such as PCI drivers, up to high-level interfaces and GUIs. SkyTech's experience ranges through most popular development tools and languages, in both Linux and Windows environments:
  • Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows
  • C++ / QT-Creator for Linux
  • C / MPLab for Microchip devices
  • Java / Eclipse for Windows


To ensure maximum performance and quality, all SkyTech's equipment are internally manufactured and assembled. SkyTech soldering personnel and equipment are awarded for Space Soldering by I.I.T. (Istituto Italiano della Saldatura) in accordance to ESA PSS-01-708.

Test and Troubleshooting

Test and Troubleshooting represent a critical phase in the development of a complex system. For these activities, SkyTech is able to support Customer with many important services, such as:
  • Development of EGSEs, such as the TES family equipment
  • Design and production of Special Tools and Test Jigs
  • Clean Room ISO14644/1 for Space Boards and special applications requiring a controlled environment
  • On-Site Assistance

Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms are available since June 2010 inside SkyTech’s factory premises.
The Clean Rooms have been awarded as ISO8 in “operational” conditions, and ISO5 “at rest” for the laminar flow cabinet, according to standard ISO 14644/1.