The supply will not be accepted if a defect and/or non-conformity exceeding 2% is found

  1. The goods must be supplied accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity with the order

  2. The materials, for which there is a deadline, will be accepted only if the residual validity period is greater than 3/4 of the total validity

With the acceptance of the purchase orders issued by Skytech S.r.l., Suppliers undertake to:

  1. Improve own processes in order to satisfy a quality management system

  2. Extend to subcontractors used the claimed qualitative requirements

  3. Notify Skytech S.r.l. non-compliance with product and request their approval for the treatment of the non-compliant product

  4. Notify Skytech S.r.l. the changes to the product and/or processes, changes of suppliers, changes in the site of the production plants and, where required, to obtain approval by Skytech S.r.l.

  5. Ensure that the staff used is to the attention of their contribution to the compliance of the product or service, of their contribution to the safety of the product and the importance of keeping ethical behavior

  6. Guarantee the right of access by Skytech S.r.l., by his Customer and the Authorities responsible for the relevant areas of all the sites involved in the commissioned activity and to all recordings relating to the compliance of the product

  7. Ensure the prevention and blocking of counterfeit or suspicious parts

  8. Keep and protect the documentation provided and sensitive data