SkyTech's own main product is electronics, including analogue and digital, power, and software, with interconnecting networks.

SkyTech's system integration capability includes the end-to-end system, for instance: control systems inclusive of sensors through intelligent controllers to actuators; air- or space-borne data acquisition systems inclusive of onboard instruments, radio link, MCC ( Mission Control Center ) and ground stations.

For this purpose SkyTech avails itself of a network of business relations with other Partners, SMEs as well as non-SMEs, both within and outside Europe .

Without harm to its hi-tech industrial character, SkyTech charter also caters for the provision of relevant value-added services, such as installation, maintenance, and retrofit of systems made by itself or by other Bodies; availing itself of agents, as well as undertaking the role of agent for other Bodies; establishing operating agreements, conventions, and consortia with other Bodies; holding or swapping capital shares with other Bodies; creating divisions, subsidiaries, and operating units co-located at Customer's premises; trading real estate as may fit its main purpose.

The working relations with Partners ranges from a strategic frame agreement to a case-by-case subcontract or even a "light" consultancy scheme in case of free-lance partners.

SkyTech thereby as a problem-solver is devoted to serving the Customer's unique requirements, while ensuring competitiveness and excellence in a number of "embedded" products.

SkyTech’s facilities are conveniently located inside the CST – Centro di Sviluppo Tecnologico, in La Spezia .