RAG-A200 - Gamma Radiation probe network

SkyTech's RAG-A200 (RV33) is a state-of-the-art radiation doserate monitoring system for land fixed and mobile installations. It is a typically "dual-use" product that can meet both civilian and military (typically for the Navy) applications requirements.
A typical self-contained system may consist of any number of:

  • doserate probes, P/N RAG-A200
  • local or remote display units, P/N UVR-A100;
  • audible alarm (horn) slaved to the display unit, P/N UA1;
Data Sheet

ATC-A100 - Test Equipment for Naval Systems

The ATC-A100 is a universal, programmable test equipment designed to interface and test synchro-based servo-systems.
The Unit provides the following features:

  • complete set of programmable, isolated output commands and input signals;
  • generation of 2 synchro output couples (coarse and fine) with programmable fine ratio;
  • real-time display of 2 synchro input (coarse);
  • real-time generation of AC error signal for in-loop installation;
  • USB 2.0 interface for remote control;
  • optional interface for external tracking input;
  • Light and compact for easy transportation;

ETS-A100 - Test Equipment for Underwater Defense systems

The ETS-A100 is a complete test equipment for Underwater Units. The equipment provides:

  • test of single sub-sections by simulation of external interfaces;
  • generation of test signals and stimuli to simulate a real mission environment;
  • fully automated operation, minimal intervention required from the User;
  • text-based sequences, easy to generate, modify and check;
  • automated generation of Test Reports;
  • ideal for environmental tests and troubleshooting;