Info-Mobility products

SkyTech products are designed to support Customer's fleet management network by means of powerful, state-of-the-art devices such as Terminal Display, GPS units, Black-Boxes, Fuel monitoring probes, RFID equipments, etc.
All products are internally designed and produced by SkyTech: therefore, electrical and software interfaces with the host Units can be tailored in accordance to Customer's existing standards.

ABI-A000 - Automotive BlackBox Interface

The ABI equipment is designed to:

  • Collect analog and digital data from several sensors located on the vehicle;
  • Collect attitude, acceleration and collision data, by means of an integrated three-axis accelerometer; record of collision event;
  • Transmit and receive data from external devices through n. 3 RS232 serial lines, n. 1 USB interface and n. 1 CAN bus interface; ...
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RFI-A000 - RFID Antenna Unit

The RFI equipment is designed for identification and surveillance of removable Truck/Car loads, such as containers, garbage collectors, and others.
The RFI antenna is mounted on the back of the Truck (fixed part) and is able to detect targets up to 8 meters.

Data Sheet

HDC-A000 - High-Efficiency DC/DC Converters

The HDC family includes high-efficiency, compact DCDC converters used for the generation of +28V output voltage from a wide range of input voltages. The HDC equipment is able to support the most demanding applications:

  • +28V Isolated Output
  • 200V to 650V input range
  • High Efficiency, exceeds 90%
  • High power, up to 4KW
  • Softstart and input precharge features
  • Full input and output Diagnostics
  • Industrial rugged construction ...
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