CTR -Ax00 - Controllers for astronomic telescopes

The Controllers of the CTR-Ax00 series represent the result of 20 years of experience in the field of CCD/CMOS image acquisition for astronomy and spectroscopy. Main features include:

  • Correlated double sampling boards for signal conditioning, filtering and A/D conversion of (up to) 4 independent video outputs;
  • Sequencer boards for the generation of phases and pixel processing signals necessary for the control of a wide range of scientific and industrial CCDs/CMOS;
  • Ethernet Interface for Remote setup, and control and image acquisition;


SCC - Front End Boards for CCD/CMOS devices

The SCC Boards represent the ideal front-end items for the CCD/CMOS sensor; the SCC boards are designed to operate at ultra-low temperatures (down to -200°C, inside the cryogenic chambers) and to accomplish multiple functions:

  • Mechanical support of the sensor, ensuring full contact with the cold finger;
  • Power supply and local decoupling;
  • Interface to bias and clock signals;
AVC-x000 - Ultra low noise, linear power supply for Video Cameras

The Power Supply Units of the AVC series are characterized by linear regulation of all output voltages, including non-sensitive loads, such as fans, step motors etc. The ultra-low level of noise ensure maximum performance in noisy environments. Input is from 115Vac or 230Vac.
The mechanical assembly provides conduction cooling to avoid ventilation fans or convection cooling systems.

LMB-A000 - Laser Metrology Development Board

The Laser Metrology Board is designed to interface and control the MICRON MT9M413C36STC image sensor and to acquire 1280x1024 pixel images with a frame rate of 500 fps.
The acquired image is a 10-bit data stream that is processed either on-board (via programmable FPGA) or via the control PC.
The Control PC is interfaced with the Laser Metrology Board via USB2.0 and allows real-time and off-line image processing and analysis.

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